One girl's journey into the world of Figure competition

Level Set

So let’s get things straight: I have never competed in a bodybuilding competition before.

I have competed in sports and I have competed in life, but I have never competed in a bodybuilding competition.

But I’m going to.

I work out on my own and have made considerable gains over the past year, but I have never been able to get the muscle mass or the shape that I need to confidently step on stage.

In 2012, I decided late last year, I will compete.

This Monday I begin my off-sesason training with the help of a new personal trainer.  After our trial session in December I realized  that while I knew a lot about lifting, I still had a lot more to learn.

He told me he could help me grow bigger and stronger (things I have had difficulty doing on my own) and – of course – get leaner and in competition shape.

I can’t wait to get started but keep reminding myself that  just because I have a trainer doesn’t mean that everything is going to turn out perfectly or be super easy.  Even though I have a trainer, this does not mean that I don’t have to do any work, discipline or motivate myself.

I am still responsible for my own success or failure, but I’m ready for success.

As I have been getting ready to embark on my bodybuilding journey I looked realistically at my current regime and somehow suddenly realized:

a) I don’t eat nearly as much as I think I do
b) I workout less than I think I do

Panic?!  Doubt?!


Open Window

I am not looking at the things above as barriers to my success or as reasons why I cannot compete.  I am looking at these things as areas of opportunity that when worked on will catapult me towards my goal.

Easy to work on and easy to fix?  Probably not.  Doable?  Absolutely.

Life isn’t about choosing goals that are easy to accomplish because we already do everything needed to accomplish them.  People don’t succeed in bodybuilding or in life because they have all the resources and knowledge and motivation at their fingertips.  We cannot wait to find the things we are meant to do by eliminating the things we cannot do.

Desire to make something happen in your life – fitness or otherwise.

Don’t say, “No, because…”  Say, “Yes, and…”  

Whatever comes next is up to you.


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