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The Beauty of Chocolate and Bodybuilding

Can chocolate and bodybuilding exist in a peaceful marriage during your competition prep?

Of course!  And isn’t this the answer you wanted to hear?

As a certified choco-holic turned wanna-be bodybuilder, I found a way to satisfy my craving for chocolate without sacrificing my body – and it’s a good thing, too.

After months of clean eating in the off- or on-season, any injection of sugar in my diet immediately makes me hay-wire.  I never understood the concept of a sugar high until I eliminated sugar from my diet…and the crash after the high is multiplied 10 fold these days, so I went on a search for a fix for my sweet tooth that wouldn’t leave me feeling sluggish after indulging.

Welcome Beverly International’s Ultimate Muscle Protein Powder!  Trumpets, please!  Twenty grams of protein, 120 calories and 4 grams of carbs, plus a pretty stellar amino acid profile – AMAZING!


While chicken has a special place in my heart, UMP certainly comes in as a close second for protein consumption.  It’s not just that this stuff tastes like brownie batter, but it’s that when you add just enough water it magically turns into chocolate pudding.

Dessert that is pure protein?  Magical.

I usually add a few crushed almonds or a dollop of almond butter.  When I’m using this as a meal replacement I add in about a 1/4 cup of low fat cottage cheese and give it a good stir.  It feels like a cheat, but it’s not.

Try it out for yourself.  You can check out the stats on Beverly’s website here, but look around at sites like to get it at a discount.

With this protein powder on hand whenever the urge to cheat comes my way I just engage in some muscle building chocolate action.

Let me know how you like it – and let me know what helps you satisfy your cravings when you’ve just gotta have something chocolatey.